08/2/2021 - Its been almost a year since I have did any sort of update. Basically I have many more things that take priority over updating this site. I have no plans to make any more updates. This will be my last entry here and the site will go into total archival mode. Its been a great trip guys and I have enjoyed it, but when its time, its time.. Peace and B Wild!!! - Dr. Fink
09/8/2020 - Its been over 3 months since I have did any sort of update. However, there is a cool new release that I wanted to get posted.. So, I just added the listing for the new First Avenue 8-3-1983 Soundboard 4DaFunk Release. Also added the listing for the new Sign O' The Times Super Deluxe Edition - Dr. Fink
06/1/2020 - Well, its been a long long time, but yes I am still around. I've been way to busy to devote any time to the site. I did get an offer for help, so hopefully it will happen! Anyways, I added the official listing for the new Up All Nite With Prince Release. - Dr. Fink
12/12/2019 - Updated all the Sabotage Menu Icons to be 100x100 instead of 50x50. The 50x50 was just to small. - Dr. Fink
11/27/2019 - Added 29 More Eye Releases. That brings the site's total listings to over 1,700 - Dr. Fink
10/25/2019 - Even though I have not added all the Eye Releases yet, I decided to go ahead and create a thumbnail menu page for Eye Records - Dr. Fink
10/16/2019 - I found some time to start adding some of the Eye Records releases that are not on the site yet. 25 Eye titles were added today - Hopefully this will lead to more additions. - Dr. Fink
10/11/2019 - Added 1999 Super Deluxe Edition to the Official Section. Also added Musicology Celebration 2004ever Vol 1,2,3 to the site listings. - Dr. Fink
8/7/2019 - Suprise, Suprise! I am back with an update. Nothing major, just adding the listing of the new Eye Release "I'm Gonna Kick Your Ass" and 2 new official releases. Hopefully this will get me started on adding more new listings! - Peace and B Wild!!! - Dr. Fink
10/11/2018 - Well I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I have added over 40 new 4DaFunk releases to complete the 4Dafunk catalog on the site! That brings the site's total listings to 1,640. I have also created a 4DaFunk Thumbnail Menu for them as well! Now for the bad news..I spent way more time on the the site this past month than I wanted to. As a result I am going to have to take some time away from the site. I am not sure when I will be back, but I do know I will be back! Next up on the to do list is to create all the listings for the Eye Records catalog, as there are over 100 listings missings, so its a BIG job. Again, I need help, so if anyone is willing, let me know via email at - Peace and B Wild!!! - Dr. Fink
10/8/2018 - Added 13 FBG (Free Boot Generation) releases. Also added thumbnail menu page for FBG  - Dr. Fink
10/5/2018 - Added thumbnail menu page for Thunderball - Dr. Fink
10/2/2018 - Added thumbnail menu pages for Sabotage, Moonraker and Official Releases. - Dr. Fink 
9/21/2018 - Prince Piano and a Microphone 1983 was released today. As such, I added the release to the official pages of this site. - Dr. Fink 
9/20/2018 - Added the complete bootleg audio listings for Eye Records to the links on the left nav menu. Also added Eye to the Bootleg selection menu on the front page. Now, I just got have create the pages for them! There was 124 Eye Releases and I think I have 28 pages with links, so there is a long way to go to get them all added!  Peace and B Wild!!! - Dr. Fink 
9/19/2018 - Added 4 Sabotage Releases from 2017. I think the Sabotage Catalog is now complete on the site now. - Dr. Fink
9/14/2018 - Ok just to let people know I'm alive, I added 8 Eye releases today. Would love to have some help adding new stuff to the site. Anyone interested, email me at - Dr. Fink
4/17/2018 - Added 2 New Eye Titles. Billy Sunglasses and Parade America. - Dr. Fink
1/27/2018 - Added Purple Rain Super Deluxe 7CD/DVD!! - Dr. Fink
1/20/2018 - The new site was shutdown after 6 months of being online by the Paisley Park Police. So now back to updating the longest running Prince bootleg site on the internet: - Dr. Fink
6/7/2017 - New Prince Bootleg Guide site created ( The new site was created with a new modern look and feel in Wordpress. This site's current pages were converted and the new site launched. The new site has over 2,500 listings! However, this site ( will NOT be taken down. A link will be placed on the main page that points to the new site, and a note saying that no more updates will be done here since I will be adding new listings to the new site. - Dr. Fink
5/1/2017 - Added 7 Sabotage releases, this means the complete Sabotage Catalog is now on the site. - Dr. Fink
4/1/2017 - Added Uniondale 1985 and Worcester 1985 from Eye Records. - Dr. Fink
10/1/2016 - Added Prince In Mono. - Dr. Fink
9/23/2016 - Added 3 more FBG titles and 3 Sab titles. More to come later.... - Dr. Fink
9/20/2016 - Added 8 volumes of Work It. Also added 3 more Sab titles and 9 FBG titles. Work is going slow, but at least its going. - Dr. Fink
6/7/2016 - Added the complete bootleg audio listings for 4DaFunk and Sabotage to the links on the left nav menu. Just got to create the pages for them now! Happy Prince Day BTW!!! Peace and B Wild!!! - Dr. Fink
5/25-26/2016 - Added some bootlegs to the site. - Dr. Fink
5/20/2016 - Added several DVDs to the # section. Also added to audio section 1 new Eye Release - Dr. Fink
5/18/2016 - Added 5 new releases to the site. - Dr. Fink
5/5/2016 - The Digital Garden site is shutdown due to hosting issues. - Dr. Fink
5/5/2016 - Angelfire site ( pointed to new URL at The angelfire site had its front page changed to point to a new URL: The new site has over 1,500 listings and continues to live on. - Dr. Fink
4/27/2016 - I have found out that the Digital Garden will be shut down due to hosting issues. I found a very cool Prince fan online and I'm proud to announce and welcome everyone to out new home here at!! Hopefully we can now grow the site. Plans are in the works. - Dr. Fink
4/21/2016 - R.I.P. Prince. - Dr. Fink
12/5/2015 - The Angelfire Archive Site moved to new URL. The Paisley Park Police shutdown the old site and all the angelfire files were deleted. However, I had a complete backup and moved the site to this URL: - Dr. Fink
2/5/2013 - Finally did another update to the angelfire site. I deleted the VCD section. People just don't care about VCDs anymore! The good news is that the DVDs are now in their place! Many pages still need to be created and pics uploaded, but at least its a start! - Dr. Fink
11/25/2012 - The Digital Garden site has been brought back online using a different hoster. However, due to the site being shutdown by the PP Police before, I have decided to leave this site up at angelfire. - Dr. Fink
9/11/2012 - Well, its been 8 months since this site has had any kind of update, and since the digital garden is offline, I guess its overdue....Anyways, I added City Lights Remastered Vol 1 and Vol 2 (Sabotage), Love or Money Lotus Box and the Complete Earls Court London Recording. - Dr. Fink
9/10/2012 - Angelfire Site brought back online ( The Digital Garden site was shutdown by the Paisley Park Police, so there seems to be a need for this site being back, so its BACK! - Dr. Fink
8/31/2012 - The Digital Garden site ( is taken offline due to the PP Police. - Dr. Fink
7/9/2011 - The Angelfire Archive Site is taken offline ( - Due to me working on the new digital garden bootleg site (, I saw no need to have this site up any longer. However, I did add alot of listings from 2005-2011. Anyways, I posted a new frontpage saying the site was offline and pointed everyone to the Digital Garden bootleg site. - Dr. Fink
11/10/2009 - The Digital Garden Site has been brought online! ( Plans were not made to announce the 'opening' of the site quite so soon after TheDataBank closing, but with the threat of inferior clones popping up already, the word needs to get out quickly. - Dr. Fink
11/8/2009 - The Databank Website is shutdown by the PP Police. "All good things, they say, never last". The page is titled: R.I.P. 2004 - 2009. - Dr. Fink
12/12/2004 - Current Angelfire Archive site has 1,124 Audio releases and 154 Video releases listed. Not much work was done on the site in 2004. Its just serving as an archive for the old - Dr. Fink
3/17/2004 - The Data Bank site opens. - New site opens using the old Guide2Prince Database as a guide.
2/7/2004 - Guide 2 Prince site relaunched under Angelfire. A backup of was put up on free angelfire servers at: The look and feel of the site went back to the look and feel of the old site prior to Jan 1, 2001. This site was intended as a backup reference only. - Dr. Fink
1/31/ 2004 - Site Shutting Down ( Just a quick note to let everyone know that will be shut down as of January 31st 2004. I was contacted by the Pailsey Police and told to remove the pictures, reviews and ratings. I'm putting the domain name up on Ebay once the site is closed. - Deane
6/1/2002 - 1,024 entries. Now over 1,000 bootleg entires listed. Dale has essentially left the project due to work and family. Thanks for all his help. - Deane
6/21/2001 - Third Anniversary. 923 entries. The site has been up for over three years now. Thanks for the support. - Deane
1/1/2001 - Dynamic Launch. 850 entries. After months of work the new G2PB site is launch (beta) with a full search feature and dynamic pages. - Deane
8/26/2000 - Dynamic Launch As most of you know I am working on a change to the site. It is taking longer than expected. The programming on the search engine is just about done, thanks to my friend Lewis. I have converted about 500 of the 800+ files to new format. I figure if I didn't do some kind of update soon people would start to think the site would never get updated again. So, I put up about 3/4 of the stuff I had in holding. Thanks for the support and waiting. It wil be worth the wait. - Deane
6/19/2000 - Second Year. 810 entries. By now had removed previous search features and password protection. - Deane
9/2/1999 - 722 entries. The site is relaunched as Guide2Prince Bootlegs. - Deane
8/15/1999 - Dale Joins Site. 703 entries. Dale (aka Dolphin) agrees to help with the site. Our first attempt at a site search engine was put into place. The rating system was added. The entire look and feel of the site was redone. The site was made password protected due to site abuse by people trying to sell bootlegs. - Deane
4/30/1999 - 675 entries. Site growing at a good clip. - Deane
10/18/1998 - 491 entries. Did first tweak of the site's look and feel. Made site easier to read and cover graphics smaller to help transfer speeds. - Deane
9/19/1998 - 446 entries. Had listed all items from the Mariush site and my personal collection. Began work on hundreds of emails I had received about releases. - Deane
6/20/1998 - site launch. 222 entries. A Fan's Guide 2 Prince Bootleg Recordings was launched. The majority of the listing came from my personal collection and notes from the Mariush site. The early look and feel came from Tori Amos bootleg site that is no longer updated. - Deane
3/25/1997 - The Prince Bootleg list (hosted by Mariush) stopped updating. It had been around since July 1994. At it's end it had listed 210 CD releases and 4 LP releases. I was not involved with this site in anyway and had hoped more LP releases would be listed. - Deane
Peace and B Wild!

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