Uniondale 1985 4CD
Eye Records
Catalog # EYE 330-331-332-333
Release Year 2017
4CD Length 65min / 74min / 73min / 76min
Date/Venue Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Uniondale, NY 3/20/23/1985
                        Mid-South Coliseum Memphis, TN 1/25/1985
                        Orange Bowl Miami, FL 4/7/1985

Source Soundboard Recordings
Quality EX++
Rating 5.0/5.0

Track Listing
Disc 1
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Uniondale, NY 3/20/1985 Part I

1. 17 days
2. Let's go crazy
3. Delirious
4. 1999 Inc. Reveille (Traditional)
5. Little Red Corvette
6. Take Me With U Inc. All the critics love u in New York (instr.)
7. Yankee Doodle (traditional) Inc. When Doves Cry (spoken lyrics)
8. Do me, baby
9. Irresistibile Bitch
10. Possessed
11. How come U don't call me anymore
12. Temptation (Spoken lyrics)
13. Let's pretend we're married
14. International lover
15. God
16. Computer blue
17. Darling Nikki

Disc 2
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Uniondale, NY 3/20/1985 Part II

1. The beautiful ones
2. When Doves cry
3. I would die 4 you
4. Baby I'm a star incl. Bodyheat (James Brown)
5. Purple Rain (incomplete)

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Uniondale, NY 3/23/1985 Part I
6. Let's go crazy
7. Delirious
8. 1999 Inc. Reveille (Traditional)
9. Little Red Corvette
10. Take Me With U
11. Yankee Doodle Inc. When Doves Cry (spoken lyrics)
12. Do me baby
13. Irresistibile Bitch
14. Possessed
15. How come u are don't call me anymore
16. Conditions of the heart
17. Raspberry Beret

Disc 3
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Uniondale, NY 3/23/1985 Part II

1. Head
2. Temptation
3. Let's pretend to we're married
4. International lover
5. God
6. computer blue
7. Darling Nikki
8. The beautiful ones
9. When Doves Cry
10. I would die 4 you
11. Baby I'm A Star
12. Purple rain
13. America Inc. When the Saint go Marching In

Disc 4
Soundcheck at the Mid-South Coliseum Memphis, TN 1/25/1985

1. Purple rain (take #1)
2. Purple rain (take #2)
3. Purple rain (take #3)
4. Let's go crazy (take #1) Inc. Baby I'm a star (short instr.)
5. Let's go crazy (take #2)
6. Jailhouse rock (Elvis Presley)
7. Whole lotte Shakin' Going On (Jerry Lee Lewis)
8. Blues in A
9. I got you (I feel you) [James Brown]
10. The Ladder
11. Bedtime story
12. The beautiful ones (instr) + When Doves Cry (short instr. )

Soundcheck at the Orange Bowl Miami, FL April 7th, 1985
13. Groove in f-sharp
14. Bodyheat (James Brown) instrumental
15. The ladder
16. Let's go crazy (drum check)
17. Prince talk to some fans who snuck in for a moment - The Beautiful Ones (short instr. )
18. ...

Fink's Comments  (rates this release 5.0/5.0)
Uniondale's most extreme moment came near the end, at which time Prince climbed some stairs on the stage with the deliberation, fear and awe of Moses approaching the burning bush. His destination: A giant purple tub. “Do you wanna spend the night? Do you wanna take a bath with me?” he chortled as he raised his hips heavenward.

His opening song, “Let’s Go Crazy,” began with an intonation that is perhaps the clearest explanation of his philosophy. “Dearly beloved,” he recited, as a church organ moaned, “we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life . . . this life thing’s much harder than in the afterworld . . . and if the elevator tries to bring you down, go crazy.”

He did, too, with James Brown splits and Jackie Wilson knee-dives, with Jimi Hendrix-inspired guitar sweeps: Traditional show business at a high level of execution. The first run of songs was manic, peak-experience stuff, seemingly impossible to sustain. The message was in the titles: “Let’s Go Crazy,” “Delirious,” “1999” (with its organ introduction borrowed cleverly from The Band’s 1968 “Chest Fever”), “Little Red Corvette” and “Take Me With U.” Quoth Prince: “You ain’t seen nuthin yet.”

He was almost right. The set didn’t falter until almost the end. The three-keyboard treatment of “The Beautiful Ones” seemed marginal, and the guitar introduction to the finale, “Purple Rain,” lasted longer than the song. But “Baby, I’m a Star,” with Jerome Benton leading a conga line of dancers across the stage, gave zip to the final phase, while Wendy Melvoin’s guitar solo on “When Doves Cry” was the embodiment of the set — muscular, passionate and soaring.

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