First Avenue '82 V1.0 1CD
Catalog # 4DF 001
Release Year  2005
CD Length 79:07
Date/Venue First Avenue, Minneapolis 8th March 1982
Source Audience Recording
Quality VG+
Rating 4.0/5.0

Track Listing
First Avenue, Minneapolis 8th March 1982
1. Bambi 2. All The Critics Love U In New York 3. When You Were Mine 4. Sexy Dancer 5. Still Waiting 6. Head 7. Sexuality 8. Dance To The Beat 9. The Stick 10. Partyup

Fink's Comments (rates this release 4.0/5.0)
This recording has been circulating in many different forms on various bootlegs throughout the years. Some are heavily incomplete (International Lover, This Is A Dance, ‘Live In USA 1982’) whilst others are incorrectly pitched and run at a ridiculously fast speed (Dance 2 The Beat). This particular release has been sourced from Moonraker’s Dance 2 The Beat, but the difference between the 2 is immediately obvious. 4DaFunk have correctly pitched the recording so that it runs at it’s correct speed and have also cleaned some of the hiss from the sound with excellent results. Everything sounds far less frantic and far more realistic. An extremely heavy version of ‘Bambi’ proceeds the debut live performance of ‘All The Critics Love U In New York’. Sue Ann Carwell joins Prince for a lengthy version of ‘Still Waiting’ during which Prince bizarrely confesses to shooting his girlfriend because she made him wait too long for “that love” – funny, but a little strange even for Prince’s humour. ‘Head’ contains a fair amount of lyrics sung by the crowd and includes a snippet from ‘Jingle Bells’. The Time join on stage for a couple of numbers – firstly their unreleased ‘Dance To The Beat’ and also ‘The Stick’, before Prince reclaims the mic for the closing ‘Partyup’ with Morris on drums.

As this is sourced from the Moonraker release, it is also missing both Dez and Dr. Fink’s solo’s on ‘All The Critics Love U In New York’, which is a major pity, and thus isn’t really a true reflection of the entire show. Full credit to 4DaFunk for the work they have done on improving the recording and smoothing out many glitches, but there still remains the problem this isn’t a complete recording – as improved as it may be. 4DaFunk released the complete, unedited show in October 2008 on ‘First Avenue 82 V2.0’ which makes this release, and every other version totally obsolete.

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