First Avenue '82 V2.0 2CD
Catalog # 4DF 066-067
Release Year  2008
2CD Length 44:48 / 44:13
Date/Venue First Avenue, Minneapolis 8th March 1982
Source Audience Recording
Quality VG/VG+
Rating 4.5/5.0

Track Listing
Disc 1
First Avenue, Minneapolis 8th March 1982
1. Intro 2. Bambi 3. All The Critics Love U In New York 4. When You Were Mine 5. Sexy Dancer 6. Interlude 7. Still Waiting 8. Interlude

Disc 2
1. Head 2. Sexuality 3. Interlude 4. Dance To The Beat 5. The Stick 6. Interlude 7. Partyup

Deane's Comments (rates this release 4.5/5.0)
It should be pretty common knowledge by now that this show has been circulating since the dawn of bootlegs, and whilst the show appears on many, many releases, all suffer their own problems which range from the recording being heavily incomplete ('International Lover', 'This Is A Dance', 'Live In USA 1982') or the pitch running at an incorrect speed ('Dance 2 The Beat'). 4DaFunk attempted to correct the problem a few years back with their 'First Avenue 82' release, however the recording was still heavily incomplete. A fan release titled 'Still Funky' appeared which contained the (up to that point) most complete version, however numerous sources were used to fill in the gaps and make the recording as complete as possible - with varying degrees of success.

This 4DaFunk release is the only one you will need and if you have a previous version, bin it, throw it away, or donate it to the Love4OneAnother charity. This release is the most complete running at over 5 minutes longer than any other and it all comes from the one single source recording (so, as was the case with 'Still Funky', there are no awkward changes between source recordings mid-show). Admittedly the extra running time is due, in large part, to the interludes between some songs being left intact, however a more complete recording is a more complete recording. I'd imagine the majority already have this show in one form or another, so will know it's not the clearest, sharpest audience recording in existence. It's fuzzy, heavy and certainly sounds aged, however it's still a solid VG and as the show progresses, it does improve and I'd happily grade 'Sexuality' onwards as a VG+. That said, it's worth bearing in mind this is an audience recording from over 25 years ago, and in that respect, it's pretty impressive. The show is rightly lauded as one of the finer Prince shows from the early part of his career, and this is a hectic, fabulously fast and furious mini-show (not an aftershow, and not strictly a concert) ["..this is a dance"]. Rarities come in the form of the first live performance of 'All The Critics Love U In New York' 7 months prior to it's eventual release on '1999', along with The Time appearing for a 2-song performance including the non-album 'Dance To The Beat', and Morris Day thumping out a superb drum solo on the closing 'PartyUp'. Highlights, highlights, there are too many to mention, but on a personal level, I'd give mention to the opening ferocity of 'Bambi' and a sublime 6 minute 'Sexy Dancer', but I'm limiting myself as the show and performance is phenomenal from start to finish - I could live without Sue Ann Carwell's wailing, but whatever.

So, if you have this show already, I'd suggest disposing of it and hunting this 4DaFunk release down as you simply won't need any other.

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