ONA Up Sendai Up 2CD
Fan Release
Catalog #
Release Year
2CD Length 73.05 | 67.59
Date/Venue Sendai 22/11/2002
Source Audience
Quality G
G2P Rating 2/5.0

Track Listing
Sendai 22/11/2002
Disc #1
  1. Instrumental jam
  2. Xenophobia
  3. Push and pull
  4. Bambi
  5. Whole lotta love
  6. Family name
  7. Take me with U
  8. The everlasting now
  9. Purple rain
  10. 1 + 1 + 1 is 3 / Housequake / Love rollercoaster
              Disc #2
  1. The other side of the pillow
  2. Strange relationship
  3. Pass the peas
  4. When you were mine
  5. Sign "O" the times
  6. Gotta broken heart again
  7. The work pt. 1
  8. Pop life
  9. Anna Stesia
  10. Days of wild
  11. Last December

Mike's Comments(rates this release 2/5.0)
This is a great show but not a great bootleg. The sound quality is marred by excessive audience noise (largely between songs rather than during them it has to be said) and a slight 'flatness' from start to finish. Not a great result for the digital age. A real shame as this show has claims to be one of the best of the whole Japanese leg of the tour, no mean feat in itself given the general excellence of the other shows. The rearranged setlist works well and the performance lacks nothing, but a version with remastered sound will be needed in order to fully appreciate how good this show really is.


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