Artist: Prince And The Revolution
Title: Purple Rain
Year: 1984
Label: Warner Bros.
Format: CD
Cat. no.: 925 110-2
Letís Go Crazy 04:40
Take Me With U 03:54
The Beautiful Ones* 05:14
Computer Blue 03:59
Darling Nikki* 04:14
When Doves Cry* 05:54
I Would Die 4 U 02:49
Baby Iím A Star 04:24
Purple Rain 08:41

Produced by: Prince And The Revolution

*Produced, arranged, composed and performed by Prince

Trax released as singles:
When Doves Cry,
Letís Go Crazy,
Purple Rain,
I Would Die 4 U,
Take Me With U

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Let's Go Crazy
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