NPG Music Club Volume One CD-R
Catalog # NPGMC01
Release Year 2001
CD-R Length 78:43
Date/Venue February/Studio
Source Soundboard
Quality EX

Track Listing
NPG Ahdio Show 1
Intro by Tora Tora - Gothic Metal by Jacob Armen - Tora Tora Talks - Love Sign (Ted's Funky Chariot Remix) by Nona Gaye w/Prince - Tora Tora Talks - When Lay My Hands On U by Prince - Femi Wanna Talk - High by Prince - Rhonda Smith Joins By Telephone - Calling To Say Goodbye by Rhonda Smith - To The Teeth by Ani DiFranco - Mother Earth by Rhonda Smith - Rhonda Smith Talks 2 Tora Tora - Spanish Colored Romance by Cindy Blackmon - My Medallion by Prince - Golden Parachute (Instrumental) by Prince - Passing Your Name by The Fonky Bald Heads - Kamasutra Overture #8 Remix by Prince - Montabo's Hair Hut (Parody Commercial) - Dance Un2 The Rhythm (Remix) by Louie Louie - Like It There by Prince - Tora Tora Returns 4 The Conclusion - Days Of Wild (Guitar Jam) by Prince
NPG Music Club Trax
Mad - Funky Design - Splash - Peace - When Lay My Hands On U