Artist: The New Power Generation
Title: Exodus
Year: 1995
Label: NPG Records
Format: CD
Cat. no.: 0061032NPG
NPG Operator Intro 00:34
Get Wild 04:33
Segue 00:38
DJ Gets Jumped 00:22
New Power Soul 04:10
DJ Seduces Sonny 00:38
Segue 00:43
Count The Days 03:24
The Good Life 05:48
Cherry, Cherry 04:44
Segue 00:18
The Return Of The Bump Squad 07:20
Mashed Potato Girl Intro 00:21
Segue 03:00
Big Fun 07:26
New Power Day 03:49
Segue 00:15
Hallucination Rain 05:49
NPG Bum Rush The Ship 01:40
The Exodus Has Begun 10:06
Outro 00:36

Produced by: The New Power Generation

Trax released as singles:
Get Wild, The Good Life, Count The Days

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