Days of Soundboard Vol 3 CD
Free Boot Generation
Catalog # FBG 44
Release Year  2012
CD Length 76:00
Date/Venue Various Online Streams 2011
Source Soundboard Recordings (Live Compilation)
Quality EX+
Rating 4.5/5.0

Track Listing
Various Online Streams
July 15, 2011, Arena Santa Giuliana, Perugia, Italy
1. Stratus

July 26, 2011, Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2. Little Red Corvette

August 3, 2011, Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norway
3. Love Is a Losing Game (Instrumental)

August 2, 2011, Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norway
4. Come Together Jam

August 3, 2011, Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norway
5. Alphabet Street

August 12, 2011, Gothenburg Sweden
6. Hot Thing

Dec. 13, 2011, Rexall Place, Edmonton, AB, Canada
7. Shockadelica

August 7, 2011, Amager Strandpark, Storkobenhavn Copenhagen, Denmark
8. Look of Love

Dec 16, 2011, Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC, Canada
9. Take Me With U

Dec. 8, 2011, MTS Centre, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
10. Stand!

July 26, 2011(am), Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
11. Flashlight
12. What's My Name

Nov, 26, 2011, Toronto, ON, Canada
13. Angel

August, 7, 2011 Amager Strandpark, Storkobenhavn Copenhagen
14. Funky

Mike's Comments (rates this release 4.5/5.0) (Review Courtesy of Mike Antonich @ Blog: Now It's On)
Free Boot Generation has been responsible for some of the finest Prince releases of the last few years, from stunning soundboard concert and rehearsal recordings to perfect quality studio outtakes. Not every release can be as exciting as "Box O' Chocolates" or "From The Soundboard: 1984 Birthday Show" and this one certainly falls in that category.

"Days Of Soundboard Volume 3: The Facebook Edition" captures all the tracks posted on NPG member Andy Allo's Facebook page of various performances from Prince and the NPG's 2011 tour. They were often posted the day after the show, so Prince must have obviously approved of the practice. So for completists, this is a nice collection of all of the tracks on one CD. And yes, they're all soundboard and in fine quality. Once again, it's not the quality of the release that is in question, Free Boot Generation do a great job as always bringing you the best sound quality possible. Material-wise, there simply isn't much here I'll re-visit.

There is a killer version of "Little Red Corvette" worth your time, taken from a show in Rotterdam. I love the way Prince has re-worked this song, with sexy, slowed down bluesy guitar, and this is a near eight minute version that is by far the best thing on the CD. An over 12 minute jam on "Alphabet St." recorded in Oslo, Norway is worthwhile and "Stratus" is always cool to hear Prince perform, but this is just a snippet that cuts off after a couple minutes.

A near ten minute jam on The Beatles "Come Together" is torturous having to endure the shouting and yapping of the always insufferable Shelby J., as is the NPG Girls cover of Sarah McLachlan's "Angel". It's easy to enjoy the performance of "Hot Thing" here as it comes from Prince's 'sampler set'. Essentially he is just singing over the pre-recorded backing track which he manipulates during this segment of the show. Hilariously, he has the gall to ask the crowd in Sweden where this was recorded, 'Do you like REAL music??' as he plays the music from "Hot Thing" on tape. Only Prince.

I've never been a big fan of these compilation discs, they serve their purpose, but I grab them for completists sake only. That is my recommendation here, if you simply have to have everything, you can do a lot worse than a collection of live soundboard clips and tracks from one of the best labels out there right now.

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