Any Sexy MF's In The House 2CD
Free Boot Generation
Catalog # FBG 08
Release Year  2007
2CD Length 66:25 / 42:24
Date/Venue Meadowbank Stadium, Edinburgh 29th July 1993
Source Audience Recording
Quality VG+
Rating 4.0/5.0

Track Listing
Act II Tour Meadowbank Stadium, Edinburgh 29th July 1993
Disc 1

1. My Name Is Prince 2. Sexy MF (including Love 2 The 9's) 3. The Beautiful Ones 4. Let's Go Crazy 5. Kiss 6. Irresistible Bitch 7. She's Always In My Hair 8. Raspberry Beret 9. Sometimes It Snows In April 10. The Cross 11. Sign O' The Times 12. Purple Rain 13. And God Created Woman 14. Diamonds And Pearls 15. Little Red Corvette 16. Strollin' 17. Scandalous 18. Girls And Boys

Disc 2
1. Arabic Intro 2. 7 3. 1999 4. Baby I'm A Star 5. America 6. It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night (including Take The A-train) 7. Speech (including What's My Name - Race) 8. Come 9. Endorphinmachine 10. Johnny

Fink's Comments (rates this release 4.0/5.0)
This is a completely different source recording as the previous fan release which, to be honest, is very unimpressive. Thankfully the difference between the two is vast and this release is far superior.

Previously the audience level was too obtrusive to be enjoyable and for large portions of the recording they drowned out the concert. Here we have an audience level which is at worst on the loud side, and at best bordering on the unresponsive (which wasn't the case). Reduced audience level aside, this recording is not without it's share of problems - a number of small drop-outs during the intro to 'Purple Rain' and the beginning of 'And God Created Woman' being the two which I picked up on. There is some shrill distortion on Prince's guitar during both 'She's Always In My Hair' and 'The Cross' which seems to affect the right channel and (to be perfectly fair) is rather annoying after a few minutes. It subsides, but it's at it's worst during these two tracks. The remainder is of a very decent quality and the encore section in particular (Speech - Johnny) is pretty impressive. As for the show itself, it's an excellent example of an Act II show from the early stages of the tour and the fact it contains the 'Come/Endorphinmachine' encore in itself makes this one of the better concerts. For the most part it's a rather typical show with few changes in the main part of the show. The longer instrumental interlude is yet to be added and the piano segment is proceeded by only 'And God Created Woman' and 'Diamonds And Pearls'. The speech proceeding 'Come' is a lengthy 6 1/2 minutes and includes various spoken phrases from both 'What's My Name' and 'Race' before the band launch into 'Come' which segues into 'Endorphinmachine'.

Any release which improves on a previously circulating poor recording will always get a thumbs-up, and the fact that this recording is so much better really is impressive. The show may not be the best of the tour, but the performance and set-list are impressive and that makes a worthwhile, enjoyable release - even with the flaws this recording has. This is also circulating as an audience filmed video recording.

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