Acknowledge Me 2CD
Catalog # 4DF 025/026
Release Year  2005
2CD Length 59:47 / 60:35
Date/Venue Glam Slam, LA 6/27/1994
Source Audience Recording
Quality EX
Rating 4.5/5.0

Track Listing
One-Off Appearance Glam Slam, Los Angeles 27th June 1994
Disc 1

1. Star Spangled Banner 2. The Ride 3. The Jam 4. Shhh 5. Days Of Wild (including Hair - 777-9311) 6. Now (including Babies Makin' Babies) 7. Ripopgodazippa 8. Acknowledge Me

Disc 2
1. Papa 2. Race 3. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 4. Get Wild 5. Soul Sacrifice - Santana Medley 6. Billy Jack Bitch 7. Johnny

Dean's Comments (rates this release 4.5/5.0)
Sourced from the original 'Acknowledge Me' release of this excellent benefit show held at Glam Slam in Los Angeles. The original release was of extremely high quality, and whilst it had a few small problems there was nothing really problematic. That said, the improvements made are immediately obvious as the volume on this releases is far more powerful and far less muted than the original. The slight audience noise has been partially reduced and the cut-outs which occurred between encores have been removed - resulting in the show flowing far more smoothly in the closing 20 minutes.

The quality of the recording itself was superb with what little audience noise there was adding to the recording and making for a great atmosphere. Many unreleased (at the time) tracks are played, yet the crowd match Prince word-for-word on the lyrics - personally something I love to hear. The show opens with a snippet of the US 'Star Spangled Banner' before moving into 'The Ride'. 'Shhh', 'Days Of Wild' and 'Now' are evidently known to the crowd from previous performances as they are very well received and 'Days Of Wild' includes a brief portion of '777-9311' on the bass. 'Race' is introduced by Prince reciting the lyrics before launching in to the song and also includes spoken lyrics from both 'Days Of Wild' and ' The Exodus Has Begun'. 'Get Wild' is one of the undisputed highlights and is a mammoth 14 minutes long - due in part to all the band members getting their chance to shine including (unusually) Michael B who grabs a solo in the mid-section of the show as opposed to his normal solo to close out the song. The closing encores include a version of the 'Santana Medley' to rival any other performance of the track before the show is brought to a close with 'Johnny' and the crowd keep on chanting "NPG" long after the band have left.

There's no doubting both the quality of the recording and the content of the show are amongst the best of 1994, and the work done by 4DaFunk on their version has boosted and enhanced what was already an excellent release.

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