Work Volume 8, The 4CD
Thunderball-RIP / Liberation
Catalog # TB-RIP
Release Year 2004
4CD Length 79:49 / 78:28 / 78:33 / 79:57
Date/Venue Studio Outtakes / Other
Source Soundboard
Quality VG+ /EX+
Rating 4.0/5.0

Track Listing
Studio Outtakes / Other
Disc 1
1. Sweet Thing 2. Wouldn't You Love To Love Me? 3. I Spend My Time Loving You 4. Rock Me Lover 5. Nightingale 6. Instrumental #1 7. Instrumental #2 8. Instrumental #3 9. Instrumental #4 10. Instrumental #5 11. Instrumental #6 12. Instrumental #7 13. Instrumental #8

Disc 2
1. Don't You Wanna Ride? 2. Instrumental #1 3. Instrumental #2 4. Instrumental #3 5. Instrumental #4 6. Instrumental #5 7. Instrumental #6 8. Baby Baby Baby 9. Tick, Tick, Bang 10. Broken 11. Delirious 12. Something In The Water (Does Not Compute) 13. D.M.S.R. 14. 100 MPH (Mazarati) 15. U Gotta Shake Something 16. Train 17. I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man 18. Rebirth Of The Flesh

Disc 3
1. Mo' Fun 2. What's My Name? 3. Come 4. Endorphinmachine 5. Space (recorded from PA) 6. Race (recorded from PA) 7. Chaos And Disorder 8. Right The Wrong 9. Gold 10. Shy 11. Gold 12. Give God A Try 13. The Boom 14. It's Our Music 15. Burn 16. 3 Shots 17. Pussy Control (recorded from PA) 18. Soul Sanctuary 19. Purple House

Disc 4
1. Instrumental #1 2. Instrumental #2 3. Instrumental #3 4. Instrumental #4 5. Instrumental #5 6. Instrumental #6 7. Instrumental #7 8. Instrumental #8 9. For You #1 10. For You #2 11. For You #3 12. For You #4 13. Hey Lover 14. Instrumental #1 15. Instrumental #2 16. Nadeara 17. Turn It Up 18. Heaven Must Be Near (Extended Mix) 19. Heaven Must Be Near (House Mix) 20. Heaven Must Be Near (Quiet Storm Mix) 21. Heaven Must Be Near (The Heavenly Mix) 22. Heaven Must Be Near (The Closest Thing To Heaven Mix) 23. United States Of Division 24. Silver Tongue 25. Magnificent 26. The Dance

Fink's Comments (rates this release 4.0/5.0)
Phew....where to begin?! Firstly, this is in no way connected with Thunderball's 'The Work' series. The title of the release is the same - the similarity ends there. Apparently this release was intended to gather all tracks not present on the previous The Work volumes, together with newly (as of it's release in 2004) 'freed' material, and various other tracks for their respective reasons. The result is that this releases is much less focused than the other The Work volumes, and suffers from a great deal of filler material, and 24 instrumentals is too many for a single release like this.

Discs 1 & 2 are fine. They are filled to capacity with tracks from a particular period. The Studio Nights material is an improvement over the previous versions circulating. Disc 2 continues on with a fantastic studio version of 'Broken', and 3 alternate versions of '1999' tracks. The final 3 tracks were available to download earlier in 2004 - and it's cool to have them on disc.

Disc 3 starts well with the 93/94 outtakes. The gaps have been removed between Come/Endorphinmachine - and they segue together perfectly. Both Space & Race are taken from PA from a club in Spain (August 1993). Space is very similar to the official release, however 'Race' contains some funky horn parts not evident on the released (or other) versions, and is almost a remixed version - VERY cool. The Poet 99 tracks seem out of place here also. The only difference is that they are in a different running order - otherwise, there is no change from the previously available 'PRINCE & POET 99' release. Pussy Control is also taken from PA, and features a more extended ending than the released version (and Prince rapping over the mic). Soul Sanctuary was flawed on the original THE WORK Vol. 5, so it was a nice touch to add it here. 'Purple House' has been officially released on pressed cd - and really should have been left off here.

Disc 4 starts with the 1976 home recordings. The instrumentals are barely a minute long each, but in good sound quality (compared to previous versions). The Moonsound 1976 instrumentals (14/15) are also an improvement over my previous versions. My problem then lies with tracks 18-26. The Ingrid Chavez remixes are fairly decent - however adding not one, but...FIVE remixes is just too much for me. I've listened to them once, and will never listen to them again. 'United States Of Division' has been officially released, and (as with Purple House) should not be on a bootleg. A rather disappointing release compared to the other The Work sets.

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