Work Volume 6, The 4CD
Thunderball-RIP / Liberation
Catalog # TB-RIP
Release Year 2004
4CD Length 72:42 / 77:34 / 78:30 / 77:43
Date/Venue Studio Outtakes 1976 - 1989
Source Soundboard
Quality EX /EX+
Rating 3.75/5.0

Track Listing
Studio Outtakes 1976 - 1989

 Disc 1
1. Baby (instrumental) 2. Baby 3. Just As Long As We're Together (#1) 4. Instrumental 5. My Love Is Forever 6. Jelly Jam 7. Just As Long As We're Together (#3) 8. K-Funk Interview 9. Disco Away 10. Instrumental (#1) 11. Instrumental (#2) 12. Turn Me On 13. Too Long 14. Thrill You Or Kill You 15. Turn It Up 16. Turn It Up (Extended Portion) 17. No Call U 18. Feel U Up 19. Irresistible Bitch

Disc 2
1. The Bird 2. Turn It Up 3. Vibrator (Dialogue) 4. Climax (Bass) 5. Around The World In A Day 6. Toy Box 7. Girls And Boys 8. Love Or $ 9. All My Dreams 10. Dream Factory 11. Witness 4 The Prosecution 12. Girl O' My Dreams 13. Can't Stop This Feeling I Got 14. We Can Funk 15. Interlude 16. Sign O' The Times 17. Play In The Sunshine 18. Joy In Repetition

Disc 3
1. Witness 4 The Prosecution 2. Housequake (Razormaid Remix) 3. G-Spot (Bass) 4. G-Spot (Guitar) 5. G-Spot (Keyboards) 6. G-Spot 7. Crystal Ball 8. Sexual Suicide 9. Crucial 10. If I Love U 2Night 11. Alphabet St. (Acoustic Demo) 12. Alphabet St. (This Is Not Music This Is A Trip) 13. Pink Cashmere 14. 18 (R U Legal Yet?) 15. 19 (A Girl And Her Puppy)

Disc 4
1. 21 - 24 (The Dopamine Rush Suite) 2. Can't Stop This Feeling I Got 3. Round And Round 4. Tick, Tick, Bang 5. Melody Cool 6. Still Would Stand All Time 7. Graffiti Bridge 8. New Power Generation (Part 2) 9. We Can Funk 10. We Can Funk 11. Love Machine (Dialogue) 12. Donald Trump (Black Version) 13. Data Bank 14. Shake 15. My Summertime Thang (Extended Remix) 16. Bliss 17. Mind Bells 18. Tony's Iggnant Mix

Fink's Comments (rates this release 3.75/5.0)
This release has been released to accompany the pressed volumes of The Work Vol 1 to 5, and are not to be confused with the Thunderball originals - hence TB R.I.P. Okay - to the music! It's a bit hit-or-miss for my tastes and there's no strong theme running through each disc and appears to be a smattering of outtakes/alternate versions lumped together with little thought - that said, it has it's moments. 'Turn It Up' is superior quality to the 'The Work Volume 1' version. 'Around The World In A Day' has some noise interference halfway through the track, although that could possibly be a bad disc I have (anyone else?). 'Girls & Boys' is identical to the released version, however it has a spoken intro by Wendy, and an abrupt ending. The highlight of this volume (for me) is Prince's solo 'Witness 4 The Prosecution' (#1). It was recorded by Prince in March / April 1986, before he handed it over to Wendy & Lisa to add their vocals, etc, and is FAR superior in my opinion. 'Housequake' (Razormaid) was shelved by Prince as a possible official remix - why, I dunno, as it wipes the floor with the Mo' Quake versions that appeared on the 12". I could spend all day reviewing each and every track here, but I won't.

A nice collection of tracks, but certainly not an essential in anyone's collection. The "The Work" title is simply too confusing an association to the Thunderball releases to make any sense and the only thing they appear to have in common is they both contain unreleased studio material. Yes it's good, yes it's listenable, yes there are some gems on here, but nothing particularly earth-shattering and I'd choose any original volume of "The Work Volume 1-5" over this any day..

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