Work It Volume 7 4CD
Catalog # GB027-030
Release Year 2006 
4CD Length N/A
Date/Venue Studio Outtakes 1994 - 95
Source Soundboard
Quality VG+/EX+
Rating 5.0/5.0

Track Listing
Studio Outtakes 1994 - 95

Mayte - If I Could Get Your Attention
Mayte - Latino Barbie Doll
Mayte - Love's No Fun #1
Mayte - Children Of The Sun
Mayte - In Your Gracious Name
Mayte - The Rhythm Of Your Heart
Mayte - Ain't No Place Like U #1
Mayte - House Of Brick
Mayte - Love's No Fun #2
Mayte - Baby Don't Care
Mayte - However Much U Want
Mayte - Mo' Better
Mayte - If I Love U 2Night #4
Prince & Poet99 - The Boom
Prince & Poet99 - It's Our Music
Prince & Poet99 - Give God A Try
Prince & Poet99 - Burns
Prince & Poet99 - 3 Shots

Pop Life
Alphabet St.
When Doves Cry
7 [Final Vocal]
7 [TV Track]
7 [Instrumental]
7 [Drums And Vocals]
7 [Rumble Mix]
7 [Final Vocal Safety Remix]
7 [Bigger End Chorus]
The P
Come #1
Space #1

Poem #1
What's My Name
Endorphinmachine #1
Empty Room #2
Days Of Wild
Pheromone [Edit]
P Control [House Mix]
P Control [Club Mix]
Right The Wrong
Come #2
Come #3
Come #4
Poem #2
Calhoun Square
Chaos And Disorder
P Control #1
P Control #2

18 & Over
Acknowledge Me #1
Pheromone [Video LP]
Billy Jack Bitch #1
Gold #1
Get Wild #1
P Control [Club Mix Edit]
Shhh [X-Cerpt]
Get Wild In The House
I Hate U [Remix]
319 [X-Cerpt]
Shy [X-Cerpt]
Billy Jack Bitch #2
Sonny T. [X-Cerpt]
Rootie Kazootie [Edit]
Chatounette Controle
P Control [Control Tempo Edit]
Kamasutra Overture #5
Free The Music
Gold [X-Cerpt]

Finks's Comments (rates this release 5.0/5.0)
The seveth in a series of 8 classic bootlegs. The quality of the material is very high all the way through and this set serves as a nice introduction to the contents of Prince's vault. Unmissable. A must own!

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