Versace and Other Experiences CD
Free Music
Catalog # 007
Release Year 1995   
CD Length 77:53
Date/Venue Versace Experience Tape & Studio Outakes
Source Soundboard
Quality EX-
G2P Rating 1.5/5.0

Track Listing
Tracks from "The Versace Experience" (tracks 1, 5 & 14)
DJ remixes (tracks 2, & 6 - 13)
Studio outtakes (tracks 3, 4, 15 & 16)

Mike's Comments (rates this release 1.5/5.0)
This is a pointless release made up of a mish-mash of tracks from other titles. The DJ remixes are on Come like an explosion (there are more of them on there too), while the complete 'Versace experience' is on Fate (in better sound quality than here). For completists only.

copyright 2002