Unreleased Recordings Volume I 4CDR
Fan Release CD-R
Catalog #
Release Year 1999  
4CDR Length 4.5 hours?
Date/Venue Outtakes & Rehearsal
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
Various Outakes & Rehearsal
Dance With The Devil, The Sex Of It, Girl Of My Dreams, All My Dreams, Moonbeam Levels, Miss Understood, Lisa, Player, The P, Work That Fat, Feel Good, Guitar Segue, Asswoop, Etheral Segue, Parlour Games, Michael Segue, (Got 2) Give It Up, A Place In Heaven (Lisa vox), Don't Say U Love Me, Do Yourself A Favour, Good Man, Wet Dream Cousin, Baby Go-Go, The Voice Inside, 100 MPH, Melody Cool, Turn It Up, Heaven Is Keeping Score, Martika's Kitchen, Love...Thy Will Be Done, She's Just A Baby, Spirit, Heaven, A Place In Heaven, Witness, Vibrator (Vanity 6), Love Machine, The Grand Progression, Journey 2 The Center Of Your Heart, 20/20, I Am The DJ, Well Done, The Voice, Soul Psychodelicide, Electric Intercourse, Eternity, Euphoria Highway, The Storm, Climax, Witness, I'll Do Anything, Be My Mirror, Yo Mister (Patti Labelle), I Hear Your Voice, Openbook, Me Touch Myself, Mindbells, G-Spot, Desire, High Fashion, Bliss, I Wonder, Allegiance, Empty Room, 51 Hours, Something This House Funky Comes (NPG), The Lost O(+> segues


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