Thrill City 2CDR
Catalog # SW02
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2CDR Length 53:36 | 43:50
Date/Venue 6 September 1999, Minneapolis
Source Audience
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
Mill City Music Festival, 6 September 1999, Minneapolis
The one intro, sign o' the times, thank you's, i could never take the place of your man, monologue, the christ, let's go crazy, she's always in my hair, u got the look, kiss intro, kiss, gett off, i like funky music, talking loud and saying nothing, let's work, delirious, rock 'n roll is alive outro, monologue, motherlesss child/funky love, monologue, pretty man, purple rain, encore applause, come on, baby i'm a star, 1999

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