Take It 2 The Bridge CD
Temptation Records
Catalog # TR 002
Release Year  Luxembourg 
CD Length 65:16
Date/Venue Graffiti Bridge Outakes
Source Soundboard
Quality VG/EX
G2P Rating 3/5.0

Track Listing
Studio Outakes From Graffiti Bridge
can't stop this feeling i got, new power generation (1), new power generation (2), elephants and flowers, round and round, we can funk, love machine, tick tick bang, melody cool (1), melody cool (2), still would stand all time, grand progression, graffiti bridge, new power generation part 1, new power generation part 1 and 2

Deane's Comments (rates this release 3/5.0)
Nice collection of Graffiti Bridge period tracks. All around good sound quailty make this release worth a listen.

Mike's Comments (rates this release 2.75/5.0)
Most of these tracks are early demos for the Graffiti bridge album and consequently there is a rawness to these recordings which isn't present in the released versions. Many of the tracks sound very stripped down, betraying their unfinished state. As a set it's not quite comprehensive (for instance there are instrumentals of 'The question of U' on other bootlegs which aren't included here) but this is nevertheless a solid collection of demos for Graffiti bridge.

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