Sweet Pope 2CDR

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Date/Venue 1993 Shows & Soundchecks
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G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
Flanders Expo, Ghent, 4 September 1993
my name is prince, sexy mf - love 2 the 9s, the beautiful ones, let;s go crazy, kiss, irresistable bitch, she's always in my hair, raspberry beret, the cross, sign o the times, purple rain, thunder - when doves cry, nothing compares 2 u, and god created woman, diamonds and pearls, venus de milo - i love u in me - sweet baby - with you - little red corvette, strollin, scandalous, girls and boys, inst, 7, drum solo, pope, 1999 - baby i'm a star - america - dmsr - gett off - get satisified - it's gonna be a beautiful night
Zurich 29 August 1993
mayte's speech, 1999 - baby i'm a star - america - dmsr - pope - get satisfied - it's gonna be a beautiful night
NPG support Paris 31 August 1993
johnny, duece and a quater, oilcan, six, intermission, house in order, what is hip
Soundcheck Paris 31 August 1993
Soundcheck NIA, Birmingham 25 July 1993
1999, you got the love


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