Stars and Bars 2CD
Catalog # 4DF 021-022
Release Year  2005
2CD Length 51:24 / 52:45
Date/Venue Stars & Bars, Monte Carlo 4th May 1994 (am)
Source Audience Recordings
Quality EX-
Rating 4.75/5.0

Track Listing
Stars & Bars, Monte Carlo 4th May 1994 (am)
Disc 1
1. Intro 2. The Ride 3. Come 4. Endorphinmachine 5. Space 6. Interactive 7. Days Of Wild (including Hair) 8. Now (including Babies Makin' Babies) 9. Acknowledge Me

Disc 2
1. Dark (including Eye Hate U) 2. Instrumental 3. Race 4. The Jam 5. I Believe In You 6. Glam Slam Boogie (including I'm In The Mood) 7. Peach

Fink's Comments (rates this release 4.75/5.0)
A fantastic reworking of a class show with the flaws fixed and the quality improved - what more could you ask for? Sourced from the excellent original 'Stars & Bars' release, this was already a surprisingly high quality recording. The audience level is at an absolute minimum for the majority of the show and with the exception of a few drop-outs, this is a complete recording.

What problems there were on the original boot have been corrected by 4DaFunk and the drop-outs during 'Now' (being the most obvious) have been flawlessly edited out. The quality of the recording was already exceptionally good, however Prince's mic level and guitar did create some distortion in places - again these have been equalised and are far, far less noticeable on here. The show itself is an excellent document of the 1994 concerts with a number of interesting and unique moments. 'Dark' includes the recited "Will the defendant please rise, kindly state your name for the court" lyrics from 'Eye Hate U' along with an extended guitar solo - far removed from the various other performances of this song. There is also an early performance of 'Glam Slam Boogie' with some added lyrics from 'I'm In The Mood' before the show is brought to a close with 'Peach'.

Not only is the content of this show one of the better ones from 1994, but the quality of the recording is amongst the best of the year too. 4DaFunk have again done a very impressive job of improving a much-loved release.

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