Stagetronic 2CD
Crystal Cat Records
Catalog # CC3003/4
Release Year   
2CD Length 70:40 | 57:27
Date/Venue 28 May 1992 Holland
Source Audience
Quality VG+
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
28 May 1992 Rotterdam Holland
Intro, Thunder, Daddy Pop, Diamonds And Pearls, Let'S Go Crazy, Kiss, Dead On It - Jughead, Purple Rain, Live4love, Lively Up Yourself - Willing And Able, Damn U, Sexy Mf, Thieves, In The Temple - It, A Night In Tunisia - Strollin', Insatiable, Gett Off, The Flow, Cream, Dr Feelgood, 1999 - Baby I'M A Star - Push - My Name Is Prince

Deane's Comments
The sound quality is much above average for the Diamonds & Pearls tour, which is why this show appears on so many discs. The crowd is great and the man is in top form.

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