Somewhere Over The Rainbow CD
B & C Productions
Catalog #
Release Year   Edition of 1000
CD Length 75:56
Date/Venue Paris 1993 Soundchecks
G2P Rating 2.25/5.0

Track Listing
Paris 31 August 1993 Palais Ominport Soundcheck
instrumental, what's my name, the ride, when you were mine, wild and loose, my name is prince, peach, endorphine machine, the ride, calhoun square, zannalee, poor goo, the question of u, jailhouse rock, spanish istrumental
Paris 1 September 1993 Palais Ominport Soundcheck
the question of u, venus de milo, under the cherry moon, somewhere over the rainbow, i love u in me, dolphin

Deane's Comments (rates this release 2.25/5.0)
Only parts of most of songs are played and the audio is not great, very muffled at times and obviously taped from a distance. Otherwise, it is an interesting release with good packaging and a few fairly rare tracks are played: Calhoun Square, Venus De Milo and Somewhere Over The Rainbow (though only a small portion is played).

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