Sexy Dancer 2CDR?
Catalog # TAPM 35/36
Release Year 2000 EEC 
2CDR? Length 95min?
Date/Venue 22 July 1990 Madrid
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
Madrid 22 July 1990 Vincente Calderon
dat intro, the future, 1999, housequake, sexy dancer, kiss, jam, purple rain, live4love, take me with u, blues in c, don't make me pay for your mistakes, if i had a harem, alphabet street, it takes two, volare, the question of u, an honest man, under the cherry moon, the question of u, controversy, do me baby, dmsr, ain't no way, nothing compares to u, batdance, partyman, when doves cry, baby i'm a star, think, game boyz groove, horny pony


copyright 2002