Salt Lake City 2CD
Catalog # 39/40
Release Year   
2CD Length 64:17 | 57:17
Date/Venue E Center, Salt Lake City, Utah 4 October 1997
Source Audience
Quality VG
G2P Rating 1.75/5.0

Track Listing
The E Center, Salt Lake City, Utah 4 October 1997
Disc #1
  1. DAT intro.
  2. Jam of the year
  3. Talkin' loud and sayin' nothing
  4. Let's work
  5. Purple rain
  6. Little red Corvette
  7. Get yo groove on
  8. The most beautiful girl in the world
  9. Face down
  10. The ride
  11. The cross
  12. One of us
              Disc #2
  1. Do me, baby
  2. Sexy MF
  3. If I was your girlfriend
  4. Venus de Milo
  5. The beautiful ones
  6. Darling Nikki
  7. Diamonds and pearls
  8. How come U don't call me anymore?
  9. Take me with U / Raspberry beret
  10. Outro.
  11. Kiss
  12. Blues in C [features Chaka Khan]
  13. Baby I'm a star
  14. 1999

Deane's Comments (rates this release 1.5/5.0)
This release comes in a gatefold single cardboard sleeve package with rather poor graphics. It is a limited edition of 500 units. The sound quality is disappointing. The show itself is worth a listen because of a few oddities played. A number of better sounding Jam of the Year shows are circulating. I hate Opitimum releases in these cheap card sleeves. They are worse than digipaks, and I hate those.

Mike's Comments (rates this release 2/5.0)
A welcome return for 'Blues in C' prevents this from being a wholly mediocre show, but even with it the concert packs little punch. Mountain View and Millennium grooves both contain shows recorded in the same month and year, and they are both a lot better than this.

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