Re-COVER The 60's - 90's CDR
Anuhstesia Records
Catalog #
Release Year 1998  
CDR Length 73:33
Date/Venue Live Performances & an Outake
Source Various Sources
Quality VG+/EX
G2P Rating 4/5.0

Track Listing
Various Live Performances
Shoop!, Maybe Your Baby, Voodoo Child, Que Sera Sera, People Get Ready, I Believe In You, What'd I Say, It's Alright, Could've Danced All Night, Our House, 007, A Case Of You, Just My Imagination, Jailhouse Rock, Doggie In The Window, None Of Your Business, Higher/Everyday People, Sign Of The Times (Cobham)
Honky Tonk Woman

Dale's Comments  (rates this release 4/5.0)
This disc has some great cover songs on it. Much along the lines of Chickengrease, it documents many of Prince's most inspired cover tunes, and actually works pretty well as a sister release to Chickengrease. My copy does have a technical problem on the first track, there is some static which I'm not sure whether it is from the original recording or if it was a flaw in the CD-R. If anyone else has info on this please let me know. As far as CDR releases go, this one is very nice.

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