Radical Man 2CDR
Catalog # PM35/36
Release Year 2001  
2CDR Length 70:52 | 36:39
Date/Venue Remixes, MP3 samples, Various
Source various
Quality P/EX
G2P Rating 0/5.0

Track Listing
Ghent 28 Dec 1998
Come On, I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man, U Got The Look
live no location listed
Car Wash
Good Life live no location listed
Tell Me What It Is
Shania Twain Cover with Marva King
U R Still The One
LIve in LA
Gett Off
Madrid 2 Chicago, Peace, Splash, Y Should I Do That When I Can Do This, The Daisy Chain, Controversy (kirk J remix), Hot With U Remix, Man O War Remix, UNderneath The Cream, When I Lay My Hands On U, Cyber single, 20:45 Radical Man, U Make My Sunshine, When Will We B Paid
Brother Jules Remix Experience
pop life, she's always in my hair, get freaky, face down, violet the organ grinder, gangster glam, jam of the year, joint 2 joint, return of the bump squad, p control, billy jack bitch, hot thing, kiss, 17 days. house quake
E_Master-L Remix
Come On

Deane's Comments (rates this release 0/5.0)
What a complete waste. Most of the tracks are directly from the MP3 or RAs on the official NPGonlineltd site. The sound quality overall is farily poor. Why do these ame boots have remixes, outtakes and live stuff all mixed together? LAME. The Remix Experience and the When Will We B Paid are easily available officially and worth getting... get to the official stuff first guys. :)
This is first time I've seen silver CDRs so be careful.

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