Purple Prince at Court 2CD
Invasion Unlimited
Catalog # 9203-1/2
Release Year 1993  
2CD Length 68:33 | 60:40
Date/Venue 23 June 1992 Earl's Court London
Source Audience
Quality VG-
G2P Rating 1/5.0

Track Listing
Played On PA
The Continental, Sexy Mf
23 June 1992 Earl'S Court London
Thunder, Daddy Pop, Diamonds And Pearls, Let's Go Crazy, Kiss, Dead On It, Jughead, Purple Rain, Live4love, Lively Up Yourself, Willing And Able, Damn U, Sexy Mf, A Night In Tunisia, Strollin, Insatiable, Gett Off, The Flow, 1999, Baby I'm A Star, Push, A Love Bizarre, The Glamorous Life, My Name Is Prince

Deane's Comments (rates this release 1/5.0)
An okay Diamonds and Pearl show. Below average sound quality and average packaging. The tracklisting on the sleeve has many errors. Glamorous Life is an oddity and a nice addition to the show.

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