Prince In Rock 5CD
Kiss The Stone
Catalog # KTSBox007
Release Year  Italy 
5CD Length
Date/Venue Studio Outakes, Rehearsals & Live
Source Various
Quality VG/EX
G2P Rating 1.5/5.0

Track Listing
Prince In Rock
Just Another Sucker, She Just A Baby, Lisa, Turn It Up, Medley, Feel U Up, Irresistible Bitch, Possessed, U Call Me, Piano Jam Improvisation #1, Piano Jam Improvisation #2, Uptown (houston 81), I Wanna Be Your Lover (new orleans 82), Annie Christian (new orleans 82), Controversy (new orleans 82), When You Were Mine (minnaepolis 82), A Better Place 2 Die, Chocolate, Old Friend For Sale, DMSR, Free, Gotta Shake This Feeling Baby (purple rain alt), When We're Dancing Close And Slow, When The Saint's Go Marchin' In, Purple Rain (syracuse 85), A Case Of You (first ave 83), She Want A Place In Heaven, Big Tall Wall, Alphabet Street Blues, Girls And Boys / Holly Rock (minneapolis 87), The Cross, 80's Medley, Its Gonna Be A Beautiful Night (paris 87), Housequake (paris 87), Blues In C (1987), Forever In My Life (first ave 87), Wasn't My Faith (paris 87), Just My Imagination (the hague 88), Your Love Is So Hard, Love...Thy Will Be Done, Get Blue, Batdance, Sex, Bambi (japan 90), Question Of U / Electric Man (japan 90), Party Man / What Have You Done For Me Lately (japan 90), Do Me Baby (spain 90), Nothing Compares 2 U (spain 90), Horny Pony (rio 91), Shake (rio 91), I Hear Your Voice, Hold Me, Allegiance, Thunder, Daddy Pop, Diamonds And Pearls, Morning Paper (arsenio 92), Blue Light (arsenio 92), 1999 / Baby I'm A Star/America / D.M.S.R. / Johnny (BBC1 93), It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night (BBC1 93), Peach (BBC1 93), Race (barcelona 93), The Ride (barcelona 93)

Deane's Comments (rates this release 1.5/5.0)
What a waste. Okay it is cool to have a boxed set in chronological order, but my goodness. Talk about being scattered. An outake here, a rehearsal there, and oh let's put in some live stuff too. This is a sampling from every good, and some not so good, release. I hate these types of releases, other than it contains all Prince music, nothing else holds these tracks together. Pretty lame. The packaging is cool and colorful box with picture discs. Don't bother... look around for some of the real releases.

copyright 2002