Peaches 2CD
Front Row
Catalog # 19/20
Release Year 1993 Germany 
2CD Length
Date/Venue Radio City Music Hall, March 24th 1993
Source Audience
Quality VG+
G2P Rating 2.75/5.0

Track Listing
Radio City Music Hall, March 24th 1993
My Name Is Prince, Sexy Mf, The Max, The Morning Papers, Peach, Blue Light, The Continental, The Flow, Johnny, Eye Wanna Melt With U, Sweat Baby, And God Created Woman, 3 Chains Of Gold, 7, Let'S Go Crazy, Kiss, Irresistable Bitch, She'S A Always In My Hair, Insatiable, Scandalous, Gett Off, Gold Nigga, Purple Rain, Partyman, Loose, 1999, Baby I'M A Star, Push

Deane's Comments (rates this release 2.75/5.0)
A basic ACT I show taken from a circulating video of the concert.

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