Peach 2CD

Catalog # MI902/MI903
Release Year 1994  
2CD Length
Date/Venue Den Bosch 10 August 1993 & bonus tracks
Source Audience Mostly
Quality EX?
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
Brabanthalle, Den Bosch 10 August 1993
My Name Is Prince, Sexy MF/Love 2 The 9s, The Beautiful Ones, Let's Go Crazy, Kiss, Irresistible Bitch, She's Always In My Hair, Guitar Solo, Bambi, Sometimes It Snows In April, The Cross, Sign O' The Times, Purple Rain, Thunder/When Doves Cry, Nothing Compares 2 U, And God Created Women, Diamonds And Pearls, Piano Instrumental, Under The Cherry Moon, Blue Light, Delirious, Little Red Corvette, Strollin', Scandalous, Girls & Boys, 7, Come, Endorphinemachine, Peach, Johnny
Le Bains Douches, Paris, 11 July 1992
Gett Off, Sex Machine, Villanova Junction, Jughead, Gold Nigga
MTV Awards Los Angeles 5 September 1991
Gett Off


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