Paisley Park Extravaganza 1 CD
Catalog # SAB03
Release Year 1995 Holland 
CD Length 73:39
Date/Venue 17 June 1995 part1
Source Audience
Quality VG+/EX-
Rating 3.25/5.0

Track Listing
NPG Interview : July 1995
1. Interview

Paisley Park : 18th June 1995 (am) Part 1
2. Mad (Studio) 3. Days Of Wild (sample intro) 4. Billy Jack Bitch 5. 18 & Over 6. Return Of The Bump Squad 7. Count The Days 8. Brick House (including The Good Life [Big City Remix]) 9. Get Wild

Deane's Comments (rates this release 3/5.0)
This is half of an excellent Love 4 1 Another show at Paisley Park. At times the audience members are way too loud in this recording, especially a group of women yelling at the man though most songs. The studio version of MAD is played over the PA before show. The 9 minute NPG interview has Mayte, Micheal B, Morris Hayes and Sonny T and is edited from another source. Get Wild is a nearly 20 minute jam. The package is fantastic with a 12 page booklet including a tour of the studios and PP. The rest of the show is on disc two of this set called Paisley Park Extravaganza 2. If this show ever surfaces without the loud women it would be worth having, but the audience really ruins this disc.

Dale's Comments (rates this release 3.5/5.0)
This is the first half of the Paisley Park concert, the second half can be found on Paisley Park Extravaganza Part 2. The release begins with an interview by the New Power Generation from July 1995 to promote the "Exodus" album. Prince (or Tora Tora) is not present, however it is a fairly interesting 8 minute long interview. Up next is a version of 'Mad' played by a DJ and recorded by a crowd member. I'm not entirely convinced it has been recorded at Paisley Park prior to the show starting for several reasons. Firstly the quality of the recording is vastly inferior to the quality of the show recording. Secondly the DJ makes reference to "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince is in town and will be playing in 20 minutes" - I doubt the announcement would be required before he hit the stage at Paisley Park. The version played is phenomenal and far superior to the circulating version. And so to the Paisley Park show itself.

The quality of the recording is excellent, however it is a little bassy and Prince appears to be having problems with his microphone throughout the first half of the show. The real problem with the recording are a number of audience members standing close to the person recording. They are audible throughout and insist on either shouting inane comments to Prince throughout, or banging on their tambourine. They do get in the way on occasion, but on the whole they are pretty easily overlooked. The first half of the show is rather typical of many from the period. There are a few lyrics from 'The Good Life (Big City Remix') added to 'Brick House', and Prince is constantly addressing the crowd with various bizarre statements, such as "Are men from Mars, are women from Venus? Would you feel like a star if I showed you". Comes as part of Sabotage's 3cd set packaged in a cardboard wrap-around sleeve.

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