NPG Music Club IV August/September 2CDR
Catalog # PM 76/77
Release Year 2001
2CDR Length 
Date/Venue NPGMC Downloads 2001
Source Soundboard
Quality EX++
G2P Rating 4/5.0

Track Listing
Intro, The good life [platinum people mix], Shall we dance [Brownmark], Kain't turn back [Mavis Staples], Higher than high [Tony LeMans], High, Good Judy girlfriend [Carmen Electra], Seque, 100 MPH [Mazarati], Seque, Automatic [live 1986], D.M.S.R. [live 1986], The dance electric [live 1986], Seque, The drama [Chaka Khan], Whispering dandelions [Ingrid Chavez], Standing at the altar [Margie Cox], Seque, The greatest romance ever sold [Jason Nevin's extended remix], Outro, Contest song, Get wild [Miami mix], Horny pony, Thieves in the temple [remix] 

Intro, The plan, Anna Stesia, Elephants and flowers, I wish U heaven, Love...thy will be done [Martika], Pearls before the swine, 7 [acoustic version edit], Space [universal love remix], Still would stand all time, Into the light, I will, The holy river, Outro, Golden parachute, Judas Kiss, My medallion, Rebirth of the flesh [rehearsal 1988], Vavoom 

Deane's Comments (rates this release 4/5.0)
The August Adhio Show(CD1) is not much by way of previously-unreleased material in the main show, just 'High' and a few live tracks from 1986 which together are only around 5 minutes long! The bonus tracks are a mixed bag with only 'Judas Kiss' and 'Golden parachute' worth having. There are enough remixes of 'Get wild' around already so we didn't really need another one, while 'Horny pony' is the same as that released as a B-side back in 1991. The September Adhio Show(CD2) is a more subdued show than the others due to the events of September 11th. At the time the only rarity in the show itself was 'Pearls before the swine', though this has now been released on the One nite alone album. Of the bonus tracks the band rehearsal of 'Rebirth of the flesh' from 1988 is excellent, as is 'My medallion'. The other 2 bonus tracks are less interesting: 'Contest song' is an instrumental designed for NPGMC members to rap over as part of a competition, while the remix of 'Thieves in the temple' is the same as that released on 12"/maxi-CD in 1990.

copyright 2002