NPG-TV Channel Four CD
Catalog # 241
Release Year 1997  
CD Length 70:07
Date/Venue TV Appearences 1996 - 1997
Source Broadcast Soundboard Recordings
Quality EX / EX+
Rating 4.0/5.0

Track Listing
Emancipation Freedom Concert - Paisley Park : 12th November 1996
1. Intro 2. Jam Of The Year 3. Purple Rain 4. Get Yo Groove On (including Six) 5. Joy In Repetition 6. Sexy MF (intro) 7. If I Was Your Girlfriend 8. One Of Us 9. Emancipation (outro)

Oprah Winfrey Show : 21st November 1996
10. Do Me, Baby 11. If I Was Your Girlfriend 12. Sleep Around

The Today Show : 3rd January 1997
13. Take Me With U 14. Raspberry Beret 15. Talkin' Loud And Sayin' Nothing [Unbroadcast]

Rosie O'Donnell Show : 7th January 1997
16. Somebody's Somebody 17. The Holy River

Chris Rock Show : 7th February 1997
18. Face Down

The Brit Awards : 24th February 1997
19. Emancipation

Top Of The Pops : 28th February 1997
20. The Holy River

NAACP Image Awards : 27th February 1997
21. Accepts Award 22. Emancipation

VH-1 Honors : 11th April 1997
23. The Holy River 24. Take Me With U 25. Raspberry Beret

Deane's Comments (rates this release 4/5.0)
This is a great collection of Prince TV appearances. The Emancipation Concert, Oprah Show, Today Show (includes one unbroadcasted tune), Rosie O'donnell, Chris Rock, Brit Awards, Top Of The Pops, NAACP Awards, and The VH1 Honors.

Dale's Comments  (rates this release 4/5.0)
This is one of the better discs from this set because it isn't broken up with all the speeches to the extent of some of the other "channels".

Mike's Comments  (rates this release 4/5.0)
An excellent round-up of Prince's TV appearances from 1996 and 1997. Everything here is also available on other titles but it's nice to have these performances collected together, in fantastic sound too. Despite its appearance here, the recording of 'Talkin' loud and sayin' nothing' for the Today Show was in fact not broadcast (the video of it is on the Freedom 1.0 CD-Rom).

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