Moonraker's Classic Prince & NPG TV Series Sampler 2CDR
Catalog # PGM005/06
Release Year 1998  
2CDR Length 69:14 | 72:29
Date/Venue Unofficial Sampler Of The Moonraker Catalog
Source Various
Quality VG+/EX
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
From Return Of The Bump Squad 2CD
Shhh!, (Lemme See That Body Get) Loose
From JuneVII 4CD Box
Now, Gold, The Return Of The Bump Squad, Race
From Budokan 3CD
Days Of Wild, Vicki Waiting
From The Honeymoon Experience 2CD
Sometime It Snows In April, 7
From Liberation Volume I CD
Who Knows?
From Liberation Volume II CD
One Of Us
From God Bless America 2CD
Jam Of The Year, Somebody'S Somebody
From The Freedom Train 2CD
Face Down, Sleep Around Jam
From The Anniversary Experience 2CD
Sexy Mf, How Come U Don'T Call Me Anymore
From Going North 2CD
Get Yo Groove On, Mr Happy

Dale's Comments  
A nice collection of live performances taken from classic Moonraker releases. Beautiful artwork for a fan release CD-R.

copyright 2002