Moonraker's Classic Prince & NPG TV Series Sampler 2CDR
Catalog # PGM003/04
Release Year 1998  
2CDR Length 72:55 | 71:08
Date/Venue Unofficial Sampler Of The Moonraker Catalog
Source Various
Quality VG/EX
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
From The Avenue 2CD
Electric Intercourse, Let's Go Crazy
From Wonderboy (Moonraker) 2CD I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man, Forever In My Life
From Small Club (Moonraker)2CD
Dmsr, Still Will Stand All Time
From Livesexy (Moonraker)2CD
Anna Stesia, Kiss
From Tokyo 1990 CD(Moonraker)
From Dance 2 The Beat CD
All The Critics Love U In New York
From Prince And The Revolution Live 2CD
God, Darling Nikki
From Happy Birthday CD
From For Those Of You On Valium (Moonraker) CD
Strange Relationship
From Thunder 2CD (Moonraker)
Purple Rain, Thieves In The Temple
From NPG TV Channel One CD
From NPG TV Channel Two CD
Gett Off
From NPG TV Channel Three CD
From NPG TV Channel Four CD
Take Me With U / Raspberry Beret


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