Midnight Hours 3CD
Catalog # TB173-175
Release Year 2002  
3CD Length
Date/Venue ONA Aftershows - New York & Atlanta
Source Audience
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
10 April 2002 New York, The World
speech-joy in repetition-talkin' loud & sayin' nothing-pass the peas (feat."george clinton")-george clinton jam-la, di, da, di (feat."doug e. fresh")-dance 2 the music (feat."gary shilder")-alphabet street-the jam (feat."larry graham")-instrumental-just friends (feat. "musiq soulchild")-extraordinary- 777 9311 (feat. "alicia keys & ?uest love")-hcudcma? (alicia keys)-the ballad of dorothy parker-drum battle (feat. "doug e. fresh")-peach-everlasting now
4 April 2002, Atlanta Aftershow funky intro jam-777 9311-the stick-the ride-atlanta GA jam-dolphin - speech-extraordinary-the ballad of dorothy parker-i wanna get funky jam-the rainbow children-the other side of the pillow-the beverly hillbillies theme-alphabet street-the payback-1+1+1=3-love rollercoaster-the everlasting now
31 March 2002, Washington with Santana
anna stesia - joy in repetition


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