Meet My Associations - A Remix Collection 4CDR
African Shark Records
Catalog # AS A/B/C/D
Release Year 2000  
4CDR Length 76:35 / 77:04 / 76:43 / 75:47
Date/Venue Pirate of Various Related Remixes
Source Release
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
Pirate Of Various Related Artist Remix Releases
Jaguar (remix), 101 (westside mix), Love Is Contagious (ext), 10 (the perfect mix), Baby Go-Go (rubadubdub), Bang bang (raw mix), Baby Cries Ah Yah (ext), Miss Thang (vasquez ice), Drive Me Wild (ext), Higher Than high (high on hope mix), The Bird (remix), 101 (westside sample dub), On The Way Up (il mix), Gimme Your Love (purple mix), G Spot (remix), Eternity (ext), Sister Fate (ext), Wouldn't You Love To Love Me? (paisley park mix), Higher Than High (high end mix), Sugarwalls (red mix), Melody Cool (house mix), Spirit (house mix), Manic Monday (ext), Van Gogh, Got A New Love (12inch club), For Love (4play), Sex (beat for your dark feet dub mix), Sugarwalls (endless music), 13 (paisly park mix), baby go-go (superstitious mix), Player's Ball (remix), Koo Koo (ext), the Screams Of Passion (12inch), 101 (uptown mix), Bang Bang (el Virus mix), Spirit (hip hop), Melody Cool (deep dub), I Don't Wanna Stop, The Belle Of St Mark (ext), Sex Shooter (long), Am I(dub 2), Mia Bocca (ext), Higher Than High (raw mix), I Wanna Be (prince mix), 6 (end of the world), Wouldn't YOu Love To Love Me (jellybean 12 inch), 77 beeker st (ext) Holly Rock (ext)


copyright 2002