Madrid Eclipse 2CD
Catalog # TB111/112
Release Year 2000  
2CD Length 150min?
Date/Venue The Aqualung Madrid 23 November 1999
Source Audience Recording
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
Aqualung Madrid 23 November 1999
The jam, Thank u falletinme be nice elf again, Everyday people, Mothership connection 2 funky, Larry's thang, I wanna take U higher, Come on, Intrumental dance conest, Funky good time, The one, Oye como va, Let's go crazy, She's always in my hair, U got hte look, Pop life intro - My name is prince - Kiss, Gett off, Gett off house style, Instrumental talking, It's alright, Fight the power - intermision, Flash light, Purple rain
Whe will we b paid, What is hip


copyright 2002