LoveSign EP CD

Catalog #
Release Year   
CD Length 39:37
Date/Venue Unreleased Remixes
Source Soundboard
Quality EX
G2P Rating 3.375/5.0

Track Listing
Unreleased LoveSign Remixes
Ted's Get Em Up Mix, Shock's Silly Smooth Mix, Ted's Funky Chariot Mix, Mack Attack Message Mix, Ted's Double Trouble Mix, Ted's Love Sign Radio Mix, Shock's Silky Smooth Instrumental

Deane's Comments (rates this release 3.25/5.0)
Nice collection of remixes of Lovesign with Nona Gaye. Comes in a digipak, yuk. Sound quality is perfect.

Dale's Comments  (rates this release 3.5/5.0)
The sound and packaging are very nice, as are a couple of the remixes. My main complaint is that so many of the remixes are so similar. Don't put this 'too' high on your list.

Mike's Comments  (rates this release 3/5.0)
These remixes were commissioned with the intention of releasing them on a maxi-single, a plan that was scuppered when Warner Bros found out about it. It's perhaps just as well that they did as these remixes are not particularly good and in some cases are just woeful. Every one of them avoids the original arrangement of the song in favour of anonymous mid-paced grooves that sound suspiciously like all the other crap that was on the radio in the mid-'90s. Essential for completists, of marginal interest to anyone else.

copyright 2002