Live & Alive (Vol 1) CD
Catalog # IMM 40.90181
Release Year  Germany 
CD Length 57:55
Date/Venue 24 March 1993 Radio City Music Hall
Source Audience
Quality VG
G2P Rating .375/5.0

Track Listing
Radio City Music Hall, 24 March 1993
My Name Is Prince, Sexy Mf, The Max, The Morning Papers, Peach, Blue Light, The Continental, The Flow, Johnny, Eye Wanna Melt With U, Sweat Baby, And God Created Woman

Deane's Comments (rates this release .25/5.0)
An incomplete release. Ugly packaging

Dale's Comments  (rates this release .5/5.0)
This is a rerelease of the first half of Licence 2 Funk. Avoid these incomplete, poorly packaged releases unless you are a completist of the highest degree! Released with two slightly different covers, both releases have the same catalog number though.

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