Live & Alive US Super-Stars Live USA CD
Live & Alive (Imtrat)
Catalog # 43.90008-1
Release Year   
CD Length 70.41
Date/Venue Live 1982-1991
Source Various
Quality VG?
G2P Rating 0/5.0

Track Listing
30 March 1985 Syracuse NY
Let's Go Crazy, Purple Rain, Little Red Corvette, Controversy, Irresistable Bitch, International Lover, I Would Die 4U
21 March 1987 First Ave
25 February 1982 New Orleans
Head, Uptown, When U Were Mine 1991 LA Rehearsal
Skin Tight

Deane's Comments (rates this release 0/5.0)
Lame, Lame, Lame. For a series that also included lame releases for Madonna and Michael Jackson.

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