Live & Alive 920.027 2CD
Catalog # 920.027
Release Year   
2CD Length 50:42 | 50:25
Date/Venue Purple Rain Period Show
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
Purple Rain Period Show??
let's go crazy, computer blue, darling nikki, little red corvette, take me with u, possessed, 1999, irresistable bitch, how come u don't cal me anymore, let's pretend we're married, intrernational lover, god, delirious, when doves cry, i would die 4 u, nany i'm a star, the beautiful ones, purple rain

Deane's Comments
There is no information about the location or date of the show other than 'Live USA'. If I was to guess it is a mixed-up reissue of the much copied Syracuse 1985 Show.

copyright 2002