Liberation Volume I CD
Catalog # 214
Release Year 1996  
CD Length 79:23
Date/Venue October & November 1996
Source Broadcast & Audience Recordings
Quality EX- / EX+
Rating 3.0/5.0

Track Listing
Emancipation Freedom Concert - Paisley Park : 12th November 1996 (Soundboard Broadcast EX+)
1. Free At Last / Slave (intro) 2. Jam Of The Year 3. Purple Rain 4. Get Yo Groove On (including Six) 5. Joy In Repetition 6. Sexy MF (intro) 7. If I Was Your Girlfriend 8. One Of Us 9. Emancipation (outro)

Paisley Park : 26th October 1996 (am) (Audience EX-)
10. Get Yo Groove On (including Six) 11. Starfish And Coffee 12. Face Down 13. The Cross 14. One Of Us 15. Who Knows

Paisley Park : 27th October 1996 (am) (Audience EX-)
16. Joy In Repetition 17. The Cross 18. One Of Us 19. Sexy MF 20. If I Was Your Girlfriend

Deane's Comments (rates this release 4/5.0)
This is a collection of warm-up gigs and the Emancipation Broadcast. The 12 November show, which was broadcast, has fantastic sound quality and perhaps may favorite rendition of Joy In Repetition. That alone makes this worth at least a listen if not picking up. The other two shows, however, have rather poor sound quality. This is still a nice document. Typical of Moonraker releases, the packaging is fantastic.

Dale's Comments  (rates this release 3.25/5.0)
The first half of this disc is outstanding. It is from the Paisley Park Emancipation Broadcast, and is an excellent quality show. You can definitely hear the difference between the early Emancipation shows and the later ones. The second half of the disc is hard to listen to because of the poor sound quality, but I prefer the content of that half of the disc so I guess it balances out somehow.

Mike's Comments  (rates this release 2.0/5.0)
The two shows from October 1996 are both lacklustre and it's obvious that Prince's mind is elsewhere (not surprising given that his baby son died not long beforehand). The performances aside, both also have poor sound quality and are very short too, so there is little reason to recommend either of them. The 'Freedom Day' 12/11/96 concert is on many other bootlegs in just as good quality as here.

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