Last Experience, The 2CD
Real Live
Catalog # P-960120 A/B
Release Year 1996  
2CD Length 54:59 | 55:14
Date/Venue 20 January 1996 Yokohama
Source audience
Quality VG
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
Yokohama Arena, 20 January 1996
purple medley taped, endorphine machine, shhh, days of wild, now, funky jam/ babies makin babies, race/ girls & boys, the most beautiful girl in the world, pussy control, letitgo, starfish & coffee, the cross, the jam, one of us, do me baby, sexy mf, if i was your girlfriend, vicki's waiting, purple medley live, billy jack bitch, i ahte u / 319, gold


copyright 2002