Joy And Pain 2CD
Catalog # 45/46
Release Year   
2CD Length 52:45 | 50:24
Date/Venue Paisley Park 11 December 1997 & Bonus
Source Audience
G2P Rating 2/5.0

Track Listing
Paisley Park 11 December 1997
Days Of Wild, I'll Take U There, Jamming There Was A Time, The Way U Do The Things U Do, Say U Will, Lonely Teardrops, Shout, Instrumental (Feat. Larry Graham), I Believe In U, U Can't make It If U Try, Sing A Simple Song, Larry Graham Jam
Paisley Park 5 February 1998
Joy And Pain / Groove On

Deane's Comments (rates this release 2/5.0)
Fairly loose and listenable aftershow. The sound quality is rather bassy and has some audience noise through out. Many of the tracks or just jam sessions based loosely around a song. Larry Graham and Marva King do most of the singing, nearly all of disc two is really a Larry Graham show with Prince guesting. This is the only show that I know of that has so little Prince composed music in. He only wrote One of the Twelve tracks performed. The addition of Joy And Pain / Groove On is nice, but I'm not sure why it is included in this release other than to fill. I don't like digipak releases... mine arrived to me fine but fell apart after only a few days. So, would I recommend this release? Well, it was an enjoyable listening experience, but I would get a number of other releases before this one.

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