Jazz Dwarf CD

Catalog # P92/1
Release Year   Edition of 500
CD Length 74:01
Date/Venue Fine Line Jazz Cafe, Minneapolis 5 December 1987
Source Audience
Quality VG-
G2P Rating 2.75/5.0

Track Listing
Fine Line Jazz Cafe, Minneapolis 5 December 1987
Eleven, Just My Imagination, Freddie Freeloader, Jack U Off

Deane's Comments (rates this release 2.5/5.0)
Instumental set performed as the Fine Liners (Prince, Sheila E, Eric Leeds, Matt Fink and Altanta Bliss). It doesn't have a jewel case, but cardboard sleeve. Most of the tracks on the packaging are incorrect. The sound could also be better, much better, but the performance is really interesting and worth a listen. It has been circulating on tape for quite some time with a bit more of the performance. The package incorrectly states that this show took place in New York. The majority of these come in a cardboard sleeve, however I have been led to believe a certain amount where released in jewel cases.

Dale's Comments  (rates this release 3/5.0)
I really get into these jazz shows. The sound suffers a bit from surface noise and an annoying high pitched tone through most of the show, but I have heard far worse.

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