Intimate Moments With His Royal Badness 2LP

Catalog #
Release Year   
2LP Length
Date/Venue Piano Rehearsals & Jams
Source Soundboard
Quality VG+/G
G2P Rating 1.5/5.0

Track Listing
Piano Rehearsals / Jams
17 Days - Purple Rain - A Case Of You - Mary, Don't You Weep, Strange Releationship - Jazzy Pino Interlude - International Lover - Let Me Tell U What I Might Do, Cold Coffee And Cocaine, Mama
Live Jam
Alphabet Street Blues
Studio Outakes
Around The World In A Day, Baby, You're A Trip

Dale's Comments  (rates this release 1.5/5.0)
Basically the same as Intimate Moments With Prince with a few extra filler tracks. Don't bother unless you're a completist.

copyright 2002