Inside The Vault Volume 1 4CDR
Catalog # 8-28-699
Release Year 1999  
4CDR Length 66:00 | 66:48 | 68:02 | 70:14
Date/Venue Demos & Outakes
Source Soundboard
Quality EX
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
Demos & Outtakes
just as long as we're together, soft n wet, baby (instrumental), make it through the storm, we can work it out, baby baby baby, nadeara, down a long lonely road, broken, she's just a baby, I miss you, donna, wouldn't you love 2 love me?, tick tick bang, lisa, wonderful ass, k-funk interview, intro, dmsr, turn it up, possessed, delirious, something in the water..., feel u up, irresistible bitch, moonbeam levels, extra loveable, no call u, purple music, outtro, baby I'm a star, the beautiful ones, computer blue, darling nikki, backmask, erotic city, I would die 4 u, another lonely christmas, all day all night, g-spot, electric intercourse, the dance electric, wendy's parade, I wonder u, there's others here with us, old friends 4 sale, in all my dreams, neon telephone, girl o my dreams, a place in heaven, I can't stop (this feeling I got), we can funk, witness, databank, kiss, crystal ball, rebirth of the flesh, the ball, joy in repetition


copyright 2002