Infinity 2CDR
Liberation Records
Catalog # LIB 11/12
Release Year 2000  
2CDR Length 73:10 | 72:38
Date/Venue Outtakes
Source Soundboard
G2P Rating /5.0

Track Listing
soft & wet, too long, turn me on, disco away, thrill you or kill you, erotic city, splash, can i play with u?, crystal ball, rave unto the joy fantastic, if i had a harem, we got the power, girls will be girls, tony`s iggnant mix, love... thy will be done, 51 hours, hit u in the socket, come, ain`t no place like u, if i could get your attention, baby don`t care, the rythm of your heart , ain`t no place like u, hallucination rain, on your own, if eye love u 2night, starfish & coffee, sarah, the most beautiful girl in the world (mustang mix `96) , u`re still the one, madrid 2 chicago, hit u in the socket , new power sampling series


copyright 2002