Illusion Continues, The CD
Catalog # TB110
Release Year 2000  
CD Length 73:59
Date/Venue Studio Demos, Outtakes And Unreleased Remixes 1987-1999
Source Various
Quality VG-/EX
G2P Rating 2.5/5.0

Track Listing
Demos, Outtakes And Remixes
One Song, Beautiful Strange, My Name Is Bart, Gett Off (Damn Near 10min), The One (Remix), Billy Jack Bitch (Long Version), Batdance (Batmix), Sign O' The Times (Remix), Sign O' The Times (Remix II),¬Dance With Power, If I Had A Harem, Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic.

Deane's Comments (rates this release 2.5/5.0)
This a real disappointment for a Thunderball release. There is no information about the tracks and the last three tracks are badly distorted. They almost sound like they came from badly compressed MP3s. I normally can recommend any release by Thunderball, but this is cetainly one to avoid. Gett Off (Damn Near 10 Min) is on so many releases that it doesn't add anything to this release. My Name Is Bart is down right painful, I'm glad it didn't end up on The Simpson's Yellow Album. The Sign O The Times Remixes are neat but really seem like one long remix broken into pieces. Dance With Power is a mindless remix from the Batman period whose sound quality on this release is not up to snuff.

copyright 2002